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The Kansas Wildscape Foundation is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving and perpetuating the land, the wild species, and the rich beauty of Kansas for the use and enjoyment of all. In other words, we’re all about getting people outdoors and creating the opportunities to do so.

If you love the Kansas outdoors, then you’ve got to love what we’re doing throughout the great state of Kansas. Please take a moment to browse our site and check out all of the exciting projects and programs.

We’re glad you’re here!

Highlighted Items
WildLifer Challenge
Kids today are spending more time indoors watching TV and/or playing video games. Voila! A new program that couples the technology of the internet and the simplicity of nature.The WildLifer Challen... (More)
Outdoor Kansas for Kids (O.K. Kids)
There was a time when Kansas kids took the outdoors for granted. They just seemed to grow up outside. That time was spent working on the family farm, chasing frogs down by the ponds, wandering alon... (More)
Cabins Project
Started in 2002 by a $50K grant from the Country Stampede, Wildscape was able to combine the grant with a 400K bank loan and purchase the first 11 cabins of the project. The first several cabins we... (More)