O.K. Kids

Outdoor Kansas for Kids

Started in 2001, Outdoor Kansas for Kids (OK Kids) Events have introduced tens of thousands of Kansas youngsters to the outdoors. Activities like fishing, target shooting (bb guns, archery, etc.), nature hikes, bird house construction, hiking, camping and others are introduced just to name a few. These events operate on a financial grant award, $100-$500, depending on the event size and reach, from the Kansas Wildscape Foundation with generous support from the Charles and Joanne McIlwaine Foundation and others. Grant money is used for prizes, food, supplies and other items necessary for a successful event.

Wildscape provides materials and assistance to nearly 40 state parks and recreation centers so their staff and volunteers can host an OK Kids event each year. Most events are held from April to October, and they are completely free so youth of all ages and any financial means can attend.

These programs have gained in popularity and participation has grown dramatically. Typically, more than 13,000 Kansas youth participate annually with kids, parents and even grandparents making it a family affair. Events range in size from a few dozen to hundreds or more and are scattered across the state.

All events must be free and open to the public to qualify as an O.K. Kids Day event and receive a grant. For all sites that receive a grant it is requested the O.K. Kids Day title or logo be included among the sponsors of the event and on-site where applicable. Additionally, site organizers are asked to follow up via e-mail with photos, attendance figures and a summary of the event upon completion.

Wildscape is looking for additional sites if your organization is interested in conducting your own OK Kids Event in 2024.

Deadline for application is March 31, 2024 at 5:00 p.m.

Fill out the application below and send back to marcmurrell@wildscape.org.