General Info

Kansas Wildscape Foundation

Wildscape is a “Kansas Only” non- profit organization with all funds raised staying in the state. No monies raised will be sent out of state to support national parent organizations, and no fund raising companies are utilized to take a percentage of the funds they help raise.

Wildscape promotes outdoor recreation and emphasizes the public use and access of land as opposed to strictly preserving or protecting the land.

Wildscape is project-oriented in nature. Examples of project involvement include the Kansas Wetlands Educational Center in Cheyenne Bottoms, the Cabins Project, Outdoor Kansas for Kids (O.K.KIDS) Program, Milford Wetlands Restoration, just to name a few.

Wildscape vs. Other Organizations

Wildscape many times acts as a “facilitator” among several entities to help raise funds for important projects such as Outdoor Wildlife Learning Sites (OWLS), Milford Restoration Project, and Rails to Trails.

Wildscape stresses public/private partnerships, such as our relationship with the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Wildscape is not a “lobbying” or “legislative influencing” organization in nature, and our charter actually prohibits such efforts. The Kansas Wildlife Federation and Audubon Society are more involved in lobbying and legislative initiatives, for example.

Wildscape has assembled a well-respected “corporate/civic” Board of Directors to give credibility to the organization and to assist with the fund-raising activities of the Foundation.

Wildscape is an active fund-raising Foundation established to help fund important projects and not an “annual meeting” or “social gathering” conservation organization.