Of Kansas Wildscape Foundation

Founded in 1991, Kansas Wildscape Foundation is governed by a non-paid Board of Directors composed of well-known and respected civic, business and community leaders from throughout the state. An Executive Committee comprised of the Executive Director, Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer plays an important role in leading the Board.

The original support funding ($100,000) to establish the Foundation was provided by the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, with the agreement that the funds would be paid back to the Department within three years in the form of cash, land donations, or services, or a combination thereof. This has been accomplished.

Wildscape is currently staffed by an Executive Director and a part-time Business Manager, and we expect to hire additional staff as needed. The office is located in Newton, Kansas.

Marc Murrell, Executive Director

Debbie Hagen, Chair

Warren Gfeller, Vice Chair

(Warren, left, with Wildscape Founder Mike Hayden)

Ward Svarvari, Treasurer

Mike Miller

Mike Miller, Secretary

Wildscape Executive Committee