WildLifer Challenge


Kids today are spending more time indoors watching TV and/or playing video games. Voila! A new program that couples the technology of the internet and the simplicity of nature.

The WildLifer Challenge encourages parents and children of all ages to become more involved in the outdoors through the use of an interactive, web-based program that challenges children to accomplish 15 outdoor “WildLifer” challenges. To PROVE that they're not the types of kids who lounge around the house all day!

Participants log into the site using their own unique username and password to unlock all 20 challenges (must complete 15 of the 20 challenges) on the Challenge Tree. To earn credit for each task, participants must have a digital picture taken of themself during their challenge experience and then simply upload that photo on the WildLifer user page. It’s that simple!

Once a participant has completed 15 challenges, they receive official “Kansas WildLifer” status and will receive the WildLifer pack of outdoor items, WildLifer identification materials and a glow in the dark WildLifer t-shirt. Waaaay cool!

Whether you’re a newbie to the outdoors or crusty veteran to the outdoors, this program is a blast for all.

Visit www.kansaswildlifer.com today to get started!