NASP State Tournament

KS National Archery in the Schools

In March each year youngsters from public and home schools gather in Hutchinson at the Kansas State Fairgrounds for the National Archery in the Schools (NASP) State Tournament.  The Kansas NASP is growing with 132 schools reporting statewide with more than 15,000 kids involved in the activity. 

The NASP program is a perfect way to bring kids together from all interests.  You see members of the football team shooting with members of the math club, as a team with the common goal of making good shots and competing.  Archery doesn’t require a lot of the strengths as other sports and it’s a great opportunity to get all kids out and active, regardless of size, strength, or stature.

While the program is active statewide there’s room for improvement.  Wildscape has sponsored the state shoots and other tournaments in the last couple years and would like to expand that reach to recruit more schools with incentives to start a team in the future.  Additionally, Wildscape will pay for some of the expenses of the state shoot including food and lodging for volunteers, various supplies and equipment needed to pull off this great event.