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Kansans are fortunate to have access to numerous outdoor recreational opportunities and spaces, yet many are spending more time indoors and are not taking advantage of the health, physical and social benefits of spending time recreating outdoors. The GoKS project is working to reverse this trend in two concrete ways:

  • Creating a website for Kansans to discover outdoor activities and trail information
  • Forming a coalition of partners who are devoted to encouraging healthy active living by promoting outdoor activities.

Creating the GetOutdoorsKansas website to connect Kansans to Everything Outdoors

Previously, Kansans and visitors discovered outdoor activities and trail information by word of mouth, brochures, guide books, organization websites and internet searches. These sources of information were often out of date, sometimes inaccurate, not widely distributed or were largely unknown to the general public. Many of the online sources were static, rarely updated, incomplete and not free. Kansas Wildscape helped to create the website to provide a free, single source for all things outdoors that would be continuously updated with the most relevant information by sponsors of outdoor activities and by trail managers across the Sunflower State.

Forming a coalition of partners dedicated to promoting outdoor activities.

GetOutdoorsKansas partners represent non-profit organizations, local, state and federal agencies and various private and public outdoor interest groups and enthusiasts who know the value of outdoor activity. This diverse collaboration enables each of our partners to reach a broader audience than they would by communicating only to their primary existing constituency.

About Us


GetOutdoorsKansas was formed by a collaboration of two non-profits, the Kansas Trails Council and Kansas Wildscape. Additional funding for the project was provided by grants from the Westar Green Team and the Sunflower Foundation: a Topeka-based philanthropic organization with the mission to serve as a catalyst for improving the health of Kansans.

The GetOutdoorsKansas website model is based on a grass roots contribution of content by organizations who sponsor or promote outdoor activities and trail managers who build and maintain trails in the State. This approach enables the website to be updated continuously with new, accurate and relevant information for outdoor enthusiasts. End users of the website are now able to use one online resource to discover outdoor activities and trail information across the State. Outdoor enthusiasts can also filter their search for outdoor activities or trails by various characteristics they desire.

The GetOutdoorsKansas partners form a coalition of outdoor stakeholders who benefit by the collaboration across many varied interest groups. This enables our partners to expand their reach beyond their traditional constituency and benefit by exposure to the programs of their fellow partners.

GetOutdoorsKansas partners work together to facilitate and encourage participants of all skill levels, abilities and backgrounds to experience the outdoors in a way that encourages:

  • Healthy, active outdoor lifestyles
  • Conservation, awareness and respect
  • Natural resources stewardship
  • Recreation participation

If you would like to become a GetOutdoorsKansas partner please visit Become a Partner.

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